Test Piece Production

SinterCast's Technical Centre is located next to the SKF-Mekan foundry in Katrineholm, Sweden. The SKF foundry is a 24,000 tonne per year grey iron and ductile iron jobbing foundry. SinterCast's full System 2000 installation in the SKF-Mekan foundry allows for the production of standard test pieces or special-request test pieces and prototype components in green sand or furan-bonded moulds. All Test Pieces are produced in the standard production-foundry environment. SinterCast can also arrange local patternmaking for the production of tooling for special-request test pieces or prototype components. SinterCast has produced more than 11,000 CGI test pieces at the SKF-Mekan foundry.

Contact SinterCast to order specialised test pieces or prototype components.

SKF-Mekan website (Swedish only)