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Current Status

  • Record revenue, up 33%; record operating result, up 36%
  • Full-year series production increases 30% to reach 3.3 million Engine Equivalents
  • Series production reaches all-time annualised high of 3.9 million Engine Equivalents in September
  • Record installation revenue of SEK 11.9 million, surpassing previous high of SEK 10.1 million in 2013
  • System 4000 – fourth generation process control technology launched, orders received from FAW, Scania and WHB
  • Series production in each of The Five Waves first presented in 2002
  • Year-end status: 57 installations in 14 countries with operator interaction in 11 languages


  • Record series production, revenue and operating result
  • Series production increases 19% to reach 2.5 million Engine Equivalents
  • Start of production of in-line diesel engines for passenger vehicles
  • Series production in each of The Five Waves first presented in 2002
  • Five consecutive years for SinterCast-CGI engines to receive a Wards 10 Best Engine award
  • Tracking Technologies secures three new orders: two for Ladle Tracker; one for Cast Tracker
  • Current status: 52 installations in 14 countries, supported in 11 languages


  • Series production above two million Engine Equivalents for three consecutive years
  • Cumulative dividend approaches SEK 100 million milestone
  • Ford announces SinterCast-CGI diesel in F-150 pick-up
  • Ramp-up of industrial power production at Caterpillar
  • Wards 10 Best Engine award for Ford 2.7 litre V6 petrol engine
  • 24 fully automated process control systems and 21 mini-systems installed in 13 countries and supported in 10 languages


  • More than 60 components in series production, from 2.7 kg to 9 tonnes
  • More than two million castings produced and more than 165,000 Sampling Cups shipped in 2016
  • Series production for passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle and industrial power applications
  • Ladle Tracker™ technology launched, with expansion opportunities
  • Cumulative dividend reaches SEK 100 million


  • Series production above two million Engine Equivalents for eight consecutive quarters
  • New Ladle Tracker™ technology launched
  • First Ladle Tracker™ installation announced in Mexico
  • Awards for Ford F-150 and F-250 pick-ups with SinterCast-CGI engines
  • Record revenue - 30% increase in operating result


  • Series production surpasses two million Engine Equivalents
  • CGI petrol engine in six Ford and Lincoln vehicles
  • Third consecutive Wards 10 Best Engine award for Ram EcoDiesel
  • First CGI aviation engine begins FAA approval process
  • One millionth Sampling Cup produced


  • Record series production - 16% year-on-year growth
  • Record revenue - 40% increase in operating result
  • First high volume CGI petrol engine begins sales
  • First bespoke CGI agricultural engine launched
  • Second consecutive Wards 10 Best for Ram diesel engine


  • First high volume CGI petrol engine begins series production for Ford F150
  • Engine commitments in full-size pick-ups for Ram, Ford and Nissan
  • Ward's 10 Best Engine Award for VM Motori 3.0 litre Ram pick-up engine
  • Record annualised series production of 1.8 million Engine Equivalents in October
  • Record installation performance for third consecutive year


  • First high volume petrol engine announced, with start of production in 2013
  • Record installation revenue established (SEK 9.0 million)
  • First System 3000 Plus installation agreed with Tupy Saltillo
  • New companies established in China and Korea
  • Diesel ramp-up begins for US light duty pick-up and SUV applications


  • Series production grows to 1.55 million Engine Equivalents
  • Record six new installations: Daedong and Daeshin foundries in Korea, FAW Wuxi in China, Toa Koki in Japan, Mid-City Foundry and Pure Power Technologies in the USA
  • Active product development beyond the current V-diesel and commercial vehicle focus


  • New installations at FAW and Dashiang Precision in China
  • Land Rover, Navistar and VM Motori launch new SinterCast-CGI engines
  • First passenger vehicle with CGI-engine on sale in North America
  • Series production surpasses one million Engine Equivalent milestone


  • Development and launch of the third generation process control system: System 3000
  • Ford begins series production of the first CGI passenger vehicle engine in North America
  • Luitpoldhütte foundry in Germany adopts the SinterCast process control technology
  • First-ever SinterCast-CGI trial in India successfully concluded at the DCM foundry


  • Local representation established in China and India
  • High volume series production of exhaust components begins in China


  • Eight new SinterCast-CGI commercial vehicle engines launched
  • Year-on-year series production increases by 50%
  • First full-year positive cashflow result


  • Start of series production of Hyundai 3.0 litre V6 and Ford of Europe 3.6 litre V8 engine blocks
  • Successful pre-production of MAN and Ford-Otosan commercial vehicle engines
  • New installations at Dashiang Precision foundry in China and Doosan Infracore foundry in Korea


  • Successful pre-production of Hyundai 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine
  • Agreement signed for the first SinterCast System 2000 installation in China
  • New installations at the Ashland Casting Solutions and at Ford's Cleveland Casting Plant


  • New System 2000 installations at Grainger & Worrall, Hyundai, Motor Castings and Tupy-Mauá


  • Start of high-volume CGI production Ford-PSA 2.7 litre V6 diesel engine


  • Strategic partnerships established for design, rapid prototyping, foundry automation and high volume machining


  • First high-volume production commitment: Ford-PSA 2.7 litre V6 diesel engine
  • ISO 9001:2000 certification


  • Machining solutions for high volume production


  • First production references in the car, truck and industrial power sectors


  • Intensified sales and marketing activities
  • Development and launch of second generation process control system: System 2000
  • Development of high-volume machining solutions with the automotive industry, tooling suppliers, foundries and research institutes


  • First commercial installation of System 1000 Cifunsa, Mexico
  • ISO 9001 certification


  • Introduction to Swedish Stock Exchange, Stockholmsbörsen O-list, 26 April 1993


  • Development of first industrial product: System 1000
  • Dual marketing toward foundries and automotive OEMs
  • Initial experiences in Motorsport programmes for motorcycles, cars and trucks


  • Fundamental research on the solidification behaviour of CGI
  • First technical demonstrations


  • SinterCast AB founded
  • First patent filed