With its core competence in precision measurement and process control in the demanding foundry environment, SinterCast provides novel, value-added solutions to the world foundry and automotive industries. 

SinterCast is the world leading supplier of on-line process control technology and know-how for the reliable high-volume production of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI). Together with strategic partnerships for component design, rapid prototyping and high volume machining, we bring foundry experience and CGI materials expertise to every aspect of every CGI programme. 

SinterCast has also developed a suite of tracking technologies that enable grey iron, ductile iron and CGI foundries to track ladles, moulds, castings and even the performance of individual operators. These technologies provide improved efficiency in the foundry and enhanced product quality assurance for the end-users. 

SinterCast is a publicly listed company on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange.