SinterCast has built a company on the principles of measurement-and-control. Our core CGI technology accurately measures the behaviour of the molten iron, allowing control actions to be taken to ensure the reliable series production of high quality CGI components. The SinterCast Tracking Technologies are also based on precision measurement, providing comprehensive information that enables the foundry to implement control actions that improve quality and productivity. However, the principles of measurement-and-control apply equally to everything we do. Our technical background has taught us that we cannot control that which we cannot measure.

An accurate measurement of our performance is our basis for continuous improvement. Continuous improvement of our know-how, our products, our delivery precision and our customer service. Continuous improvement of our internal routines and our external communication. Although we will internally measure and control our own performance to provide defect-free products, precision delivery and impeccable customer service, our customers will be our ultimate judge. We will strive for 100% performance ratings from our customers. By understanding and satisfying our customer requirements, we will earn their respect and loyalty. With their respect and loyalty, we will prosper.

SinterCast has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996.

Dr Steve Dawson
President & CEO