Our Strategy

SinterCast will focus on providing precision measurements and process control solutions to the cast iron foundry industry. With world-leading technology for the reliable high-volume production of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI), SinterCast will serve as a partner to its foundry customers and OEM end-users to increase the overall market opportunity for CGI. SinterCast will also build upon its expertise in precision measurement and process control to develop and launch novel technologies, including tracking and traceability solutions. The SinterCast technologies will provide improved energy efficiency, productivity and profitability in the foundry, together with improved fuel efficiency and reduced carbon emissions on the road.

Our Mission

SinterCast will promote CGI within the foundry and end-user communities to increase the overall market opportunity and to define the forefront of CGI development, production and application. This focus and these efforts will provide long-term value for our stakeholders and for society.

Our Guiding Principles

    • CGI Leadership: We are the CGI Company. We shall be the global leader in every aspect of CGI know-how, production and application.
    • Technical Expertise: We have built – and will continue to build – our company on technical expertise. We are committed to earning the respect of our customers through our technical excellence, our service and our innovation.
    • Fair Play: We conduct business with reputable customers and partners who are involved in lawful business and whose funds are derived from legitimate sources. We are committed to growing our business while respecting the rules.
    • Positive Environment: We welcome the contribution of every employee and every business partner. At SinterCast, we respect, encourage and support each other. We want everyone to be proud to wear the SinterCast shirt.
    • Focus Five Million: With a track record of double-digit growth behind us, we steadfastly focus on reaching our near-term goal of five million Engine Equivalents, and continued double-digit growth through 2030.

Our Vision

As the global leader for CGI process control, our technology will reduce energy consumption and waste in the foundry industry and improve fuel efficiency throughout the lifetime of the vehicle, providing improved transport solutions with significant CO2 savings.

Our Values

    • Impeccable Customer Service: SinterCast is a supplier and a partner. We help our customers solve their problems. We are proactive, fast and accurate. Technology, service and relationships are the foundation of our future.
    • Measure-and-Correct: We continuously measure customer performance and provide feedback to improve quality and efficiency. We continuously measure our own performance to improve our technology, to broaden our leadership position, and to increase our value proposition.
    • Sincerity & Integrity: Every day, we seek to make a positive contribution to our customers, to each other, and to society. We are helpful, positive, kind and empathetic.
    • Teamwork: We take advantage of being a small company to communicate openly and broadly. We encourage innovation and ownership, but we work as a team. We want every employee to feel the business.
    • Recognition & Reward: We encourage, celebrate and reward exceptional contributions to our technology and our business.
    • Never Give Up: We always take a can-do approach to opportunities and challenges. We start with “yes”. Business isn’t always easy – we are both persistent and patient.