The SinterCast Process is comprised of two separate technical steps:

  1. An accurate on-line analysis of the solidification behaviour of the magnesium and inoculant-treated base iron is determined by thermal analysis.
  2. Based on the result of the thermal analysis, the SinterCast process control system determines the necessary amounts of magnesium and/or inoculant and automatically adds these to the iron prior to the start of casting.

The SinterCast process control strategy is designed to eliminate variation, preclude operator error, predict and compensate for magnesium fade, and deliver consistency to the moulding line.

SinterCast provides the thermal analysis Sampling Cups, the software and know-how for determining the solidification behaviour, and the necessary hardware for sampling, information display and the addition of the magnesium and inoculant cored wire prior to casting. Together with each foundry Customer, SinterCast's engineers define the appropriate System 4000 hardware configuration, the process flow and the control logic to suit the local foundry layout and production requirements. SinterCast provides the systems, know-how and engineering support that bring CGI solutions to the foundry.