As a technology company, our primary activities are software development and technical support. We assemble our process control systems and conduct quality control inspection on our consumables, but we don’t have in-house manufacturing. The production of our equipment and consumables is outsourced, mostly from Swedish suppliers. Our environmental impacts and contributions are primarily realised at our customer sites and in the vehicles that use our technology.

Relative amount of CO2 emissions at each stage of the SinterCast value chain

Green Office Facilities

Our Technical Centre in Katrineholm hosts more than 80% of our Team. The rest of our colleagues work from home, in six different countries, where they provide local support to our customers. The energy supply at our Technical Centre is 100% renewable. We don’t have energy intensive in-house production. Our main products are knowledge and service.

Responsible Travel

During 2022, we established a technical presence in Mexico to serve the local market. We will also establish a technical presence in Brazil, providing local support in our three largest markets: Brazil, Mexico and Sweden. The vast majority of our travel is in economy class, although we do offer business class when colleagues have had a heavy schedule, to acknowledge their contribution and to ensure wellbeing.

Remote Support

We travel to develop new business opportunities, to commission new installations, to provide technical support, and to foster relationships. However, the confidence and trust that we have built with our customers allows us to conduct much of our technical support remotely, through virtual meetings, correspondence, and our monthly process efficiency benchmarking reports.