Code of Conduct

The SinterCast Code of Conduct – signed by all Board members, employees and suppliers – ensures a common understanding of the way that we want to operate our business, and the way that we want SinterCast to be perceived in the market. As a technology led company, we are committed to earning the respect of our foundry customers and our automotive end-users through our technical competence, our service and our sincerity.



SinterCast is committed to integrity and high standards of ethics, and we expect our suppliers to behave in the same way. We conduct our business responsibly, with respect to our impact on people, society and the environment. We walk away from non-compliant business opportunities and activities; we are committed to growing the SinterCast business while respecting the rules. We conduct business with reputable customers, consultants and business partners who are involved in lawful business activities and whose funds are derived from legitimate sources. We do not provide our technology to foundries that have majority military ownership.

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