We have heard a lot about the Ford-PSA 2.7 litre V6 CGI engine in the media. When will the production start? What is the fuel consumption of the engine?

Shareholder, Per-Erik Lindgren

As I mentioned during the on-line Audio Q&A event on 8 August, the production of the CGI cylinder block at the Tupy foundry in Brazil would begin during September. Separate information has also been posted on the “Market-Production” section of our website. We are now in the second month of production. The cylinder blocks will be partially machined at Tupy and transported to Ford’s new Diesel Engine Centre of Excellence for final machining and assembly. The finished engines will then be assembled into vehicles and distributed to showrooms.

With regard to fuel economy, Ford and PSA have not yet made any public statements. This is probably because the fuel economy (l/100 km or mpg) also depends on the size, weight, rolling resistance and aerodynamic performance of the vehicle. For engine engineers, we typically measure the fuel economy of a free-standing engine in terms of grams of fuel per kilowatt-hour (g/kWhr). This result is presented in the form of a contour map as a function of engine speed (rpm), and is not normally used for public descriptions. For the CGI V6 engine, we will need to wait for the individual vehicles to be released to see the fuel consumption results. In the meantime, we can be pleased by the official Ford-PSA information that states that the V6 is the best-performing and lightest engine in its class.