At the AGM in 2000, SinterCast presented a report by Arthur D. Little that estimated the potential CGI market for 2004-2006. Is that forecast still valid concerning volumes and timing?

Shareholder, Göran Olvén

The Arthur D. Little study provided an assessment of the potential CGI market for all types of cast components. A new perspective on the CGI market potential was presented by myself at the AGM held on 24 May 2002. In this presentation, I focused on our core target market of cylinder blocks and heads and presented the following five waves of CGI application:

  1. Passenger car V-diesels in Europe
  2. Passenger car In-line diesels in Europe
  3. Commercial vehicles in Europe and USA
  4. Diesels in America
  5. Petrol applications

These five waves more accurately represent the market development of CGI and show that the potential launch of a new market segment every couple of years provides CGI, and SinterCast, with a continuous growth potential. The five waves are presented in more detail in the AGM presentation that can be found at the following link: AGM Presentation. We will refer to the five wave scenario as the basis for our future reviews of market progress.