Product Opportunities

Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) is ideally suited to components that incur simultaneous thermal and mechanical loading.  As such, the primary applications for CGI are cylinder blocks and heads, for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and industrial power (construction, agriculture, marine and stationary power) applications. SinterCast’s market opportunity was first presented in terms of The Five Waves in 2002, referring to the various potential cylinder block and head applications. The current formulation of the Five Waves is presented as:

  1. V-Diesel Passenger Vehicle Engines in Europe
  2. Commercial Vehicle Engines Worldwide
  3. In-Line Passenger Vehicle Diesel Engines
  4. V-Diesel Passenger Vehicle Engines Beyond Europe
  5. Passenger Vehicle Petrol Engines Worldwide

Beyond the Five Waves SinterCast also enjoys product opportunities in the automotive industry for components other than cylinder blocks and heads, such as exhaust components, bedplates and clutches, and in the industrial power industry. The current status of The Five Waves and these other growth opportunities is summarised in the viewable Product Opportunities - Five Waves table.

As a provider of process control solutions for the reliable high volume production of CGI, SinterCast’s target market includes any casting application that can benefit from the higher strength, stiffness, durability and wear resistance of CGI.  SinterCast’s CGI series production experience ranges from 2 kg to 9 tonnes, all using the same, proven, process control technology.