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News and Updates

29 May 2020

Registration Forms for AGM 2020 available

The Registration Form and the Postal Voting Form for the SinterCast Annual General Meeting are now available.

20 May 2020

AGM Documents available

The SinterCast Annual General Meeting 2020 will be held on 23 June 2020. Documents related to the AGM are now available.

19 May 2020

Annual Report 2019 available

The Annual Report 2019 is now available in English and Swedish.

04 May 2020

Employment Opportunity April 2020

Employment Opportunity: we are seeking an Accounting & Administration Manager to join the growing team at our Technical Centre in Katrineholm, Sweden.

30 Mar 2020

Stockpicker Newsletter March 2020

Sweden's Stockpicker Newsletter has published an article regarding SinterCast. Read the original Swedish article or the unofficial English translation.

27 Mar 2020

Modern Casting commentary

Dr Steve Dawson, President & CEO, published a commentary in Modern Casting, in response to an article entitled “What Will the Rise of Electric Vehicles Mean to Metalcasters”.  Dr Dawson’s commentary establishes a balance between the enthusiasm of the article and the reality of electrification.
Read the SinterCast Letter to the Editor

09 Mar 2020

Automotive News

Dr Steve Dawson, President & CEO, publishes a commentary in Automotive News, in response to a life cycle editorial written by the aluminium industry.
Read the SinterCast Letter to the Editor

25 Feb 2020

ABG Review 24 February 2020

The most recent Independent Review Report published by ABG Sundal Collier AB is now available.

30 Jan 2020

Technical Videos

Dr Steve Dawson, President & CEO, presents a series of SinterCast Videos to provide overviews of Compacted Graphite Iron, CGI Engine Benefits, the SinterCast technologies for process control and Industry 4.0 traceability, and the overall SinterCast market development. Watch the videos.

24 Jan 2020

Insights, Jan 2020

Insights, a business news magazine published in association with Dagens Industri, has published an interview with President & CEO Dr Steve Dawson. Read the original Swedish interview. Read the unofficial English translation.

05 Dec 2019

ABG Review 4 December 2019

The most recent Independent Review Report published by ABG Sundal Collier AB is now available, following a presentation and interview by Dr Steve Dawson, President & CEO, at the ABGSC Investor Days event on 4 December in Stockholm.

Watch the full SinterCast presentation

Watch the follow-up interview